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How to make your office a happier place

It is a common fact, and everybody knows that our environment has a tremendous effect on our mood, wellbeing, and productivity. Same goes for our workspace, which is the main reason why so many successful business owners make investments and put much effort into creating a pleasant work environment for their employees. A comfortable and stimulating workplace makes people more relaxed, focused and satisfied, which creates an overall positive work atmosphere. In such offices,  business thrives, and there is high morale among the staff. However, creating a happy office is more than just painting walls in bright colours. A successful company depends on its employees, and the only way to keep them happy is to create a friendly and functional environment that meets their needs and allows them to feel comfortable.

Redesign your office for maximum functionality

Depending on the number of employees and departments in your company, try to figure out the perfect design that will allow people to mingle, communicate and work together easily. Open plan office design is a growing trend and for a good reason. Walls create a somewhat isolated and rigid atmosphere, so tear down the walls and open up space where people will be able to work, interact and to feel like a part of the team. Since there is always need for some privacy, create nooks or conference room where your employees can have meetings and one-on-one conversations without disturbing co-workers.

Brighten up space

An inevitable part of any makeover is choosing the right colours to make working space welcoming and positive.  Some colours like red, orange and yellow can significantly improve the look of your office and lift the mood of your employees. However, you should take into account that colors are a powerful tool when it comes to manipulating and creating desirable effects on people, especially in the workplace. For instance, green and blue are the most pleasant colors for the eye, while they reduce stress and improve abstract thinking.  Earthy tones create a warm and comfortable feeling and have calming effects. Don’t be afraid to experiment but make sure to know the basics of the psychology of colors.

Make it airy and have more natural light

The amount of light and air quality is of great importance, not just in the workplace, but in any interior. These are working conditions that are essential not only for productivity but for our wellbeing in general. Companies with offices that lack natural light and have poor air quality have a high number of absent employees due to sick days. Natural light is vital for our mind and body since it helps to create vitamin D and improves quality of sleep. It puts less strain on our eyes than artificial light and people who get more exposure to natural light are less tired, more productive and in a better mood than those who work under artificial light.

Meet employees needs

Office furniture can be either generic or specially designed, but regardless of style, make sure that it is functional and comfortable. Ergonomic chairs and height adjustable desks are small investment comparing to the fact that it will provide needed support and comfort to your staff that spends most of the day sitting. Bear in mind that it is impossible to stay focused and productive with constant back pain. Also, meeting the needs of your workers don’t end with quality furniture. Ensure that your office equipment supports multi-function devices and set up company WI-FI.

Make it original

Although offices are a place of work, there is no reason why this space should lack originality or some signature detail in office design.  Hire professionals to make a big mural on a wall, or add artificial grass on the office floors. It is a common misconception that synthetic grass belongs outdoors only. There are plenty of reasons for including such an interesting feature in office interiors, starting with making a lasting impression on your clients and visitors to creating a unique and fresh atmosphere for your employees. Not many things can compare to taking a break and walking barefoot around the office.

Do some landscaping

Bring nature and outdoors inside by including more greenery. Plants can make any interior pleasant so include a few big office plants to make the space more welcoming and enjoyable. Learn a thing or two about biophilic design and incorporate it into your space. Create a green wall and let employees take care of it. However, greenery requires a certain amount of maintenance, so that is why professionals from Mat Shop advise making use of artificial grass on the walls to avoid time-consuming upkeep. 

Offer flexibility

We are all different, and consequently, we all have different preferences when it comes to working. A new happy office formula may not suit everybody, so make sure to offer some flexible hours for your workers. Working from home on certain days may drastically improve concentration, creativity, and productivity. Allow your employees to come up with a schedule that will work well for them and the company. Giving them the opportunity to work from home, which is a stress-free and familiar environment where they control most of the conditions is a sure way to get the work done properly.


Creating a welcoming and comfortable workspace does not have to drain your company account. Most times it all about a few clever tweaks as well as being there for your employees and hearing them out. Good communication within the company is the key to a successful business since a positive working atmosphere exists only in places where everyone is appreciated. Happy office above all means having good relationships with coworkers who create a close and successful team, completely devoted to your business goals.

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