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Top 10 Ideas for Choosing The Right Kitchen Splashbacks

Unique Patterns in Splashback

The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home where you spend hours in cooking and socializing. It up to you, to choose the atmosphere of your kitchen space. The atmosphere you select will set the overall feeling of the kitchen. For example, if you choose dark splashback for your kitchen you will get the night-sky feeling in your kitchen.

The simple textures such as repeated images, colorful landscapes, and natural images are light-hearted and happy.

We have put together some ideas to assist you in narrowing down your choices, let’s explore!

In tune with Your Kitchen Decor

One of the most important factor to keep in mind when choosing a kitchen splashbacks is to make sure it will match with your kitchen style.

Splashback Ideas on the Table

This doesn’t necessarily mean aligning your cupboards and appliances but it does mean that they should go with your overall kitchen atmosphere.

You have two options, either go with traditional style splashbacks or choose a more modern look and feel.

Dark Material and Natural Colours

If you have a light-colored (White or Silver) wall in the kitchen, then pretty much every image will look amazing. On the contrary, if you have dark-color on the walls, you have to make out-of-box choices for splashbacks

If you have dark bases material on top, you have to go with dark splashback images. Choose natural images if you have light color cabinets.

Cleaning Hassle

Keep one thing in mind when choosing splashback materials, always choose a material which is easy to clean. Certain materials can require a special cleaning agent. There are various splashbacks available in the market which looks amazing but cleaning them can be a hassle.

Choosing a glass splashback for your kitchen could be a smart choice. Glass will give your kitchen a sharp look, on top of that, it is easy to wipe stains with just one swipe.

The feeling of Bigger Kitchen

If you want to make a bold move, choose mirrored splashbacks. This type of splashbacks can lit up your kitchen and give the feeling of much larger space.

Mirror and Metallic Splashback

Mirrored splashbacks give extra advantages if your kitchen space is small. You can expand your kitchen space it with a natural view. With a beautiful nature view image, you can light up your small kitchen space.

But keep one thing in mind, always avoid mirrored splashback if your kitchen has natural light. Because natural light will reflect on the kitchen splashback and it’s going to distract you from whatever you are doing.

Stone Splashbacks

Despite being one of the most expensive options for kitchen splashbacks, many people love them because it really gives the feeling of satisfaction.

You can hire a kitchen splashback designer in U.K to make sure the most stunning pieces and art are used in the kitchen area.

A white stone design with a horizontal and verticle position on the bench top can create a very effective atmosphere with grey flooring.

A Window Splashback

This unique window splashback gives a very lighting outlook and opens a new door for creativity.

While some people prefer Broken Bridge as the view, others go for the simple fence with an amazing greenery look. The choice totally depends on you. A word of advice though, this option is relatively easy to maintain.

A Metal look for Splashback

Want to feel heritage look? Go for the pressed metal splashback. Particularly if you select the art design from the Federation period.

Especially, white metal aspects work if you want to include a country look in certain patterns and colors.

Creative Flair

Selecting a kitchen splashback is not a big task, you can show your unique ways to represent your kitchen space. You can add some personality and flair into your kitchen space and make the best design for your kitchen.

With the growing pace of technology, you can get really creative and able to create a custom design that offers a WOW factor.

Prices to Compare

There are so many choices for the kitchen renovation. You need to stick with your budget during a renovation. But also allow some funds for your kitchen splashback, because there is no point for shopping high-end material with a low budget.

If you have a small budget, you can always go for acrylic kitchen splashback. This splashback offers a budget-friendly alternative to glass and other expensive materials like stainless steel.

Hard to Maintain

Finally, you have to think about the long term effects. Keep in mind that, kitchens are prone to splashes and spills. So, you need to invest in the right kitchen splashback that can retain their condition for years.

Remember, white kitchen splashback may look stunning in your kitchen but it’s hard to maintain that whiteness throughout the year.


Consider the following tips and ideas to create a perfect kitchen splashback. Always select a splashback that complements your benchtop, choose color and material wisely. Source kitchen splashbacks from the right suppliers.

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