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Kitchen interior Design Tips

Kitchen Design Ideas

The relief which you get while reaching home after doing a tired work all through the day is unmatchable. When it is your own home, it gives you more pleasure and there is no limit for that satisfaction because you have your own nest for residing. Women who look at each and every one of the items in the home kitchen room would always try hard to keep their kitchen good. Here are some of the unique tips given by an interior designer in keeping your home kitchen well and good. IKNOWTHEBEST website consists of reviews of many useful products available in the kitchen.

Types of Kitchen:

At least 20 percent area of the house should be allotted to a kitchen. The kitchen design can be found depending on the platform in the kitchen. If the kitchen platform is set in `L ‘(L) form, then, it is an L-shaped kitchen. If the platforms are arranged opposite to each other, then, it is a gallery kitchen. The three sides of the turrets like U shape, then, it is a (U) shaped kitchen. If your kitchen is designed in the G-shape model, then, it is known as EyeLand model.

Here are some tips provided in planning your kitchen design.

* If you plan for a kitchen with 6 feet wide and 8 feet in length, then, it is advisable to choose an L shape kitchen design.

* For 10 feet width and 8 feet length, U-shaped kitchen or gallery kitchen is recommended.

* For 12 feet width and 12 feet length, the EyeLand kitchen would look good.

Paint for Kitchen

If you have less budget, paintings are best suited. While choosing a color for the kitchen, many people choose dark colors because they think that the kitchen walls would get dirty easily. But, if you make such a choice, then, your kitchen would look darker always. So, always choose the light colors.


Tiles can be used up to a height of seven-foot height from the floor. This helps to clean the kitchen easily. People who are trendy would put glass backsplash glasses on the walls.

Kitchen Design:

Locate your kitchen in a suitable location with reference to the wind flow direction in the morning because this would take away the heat from the kitchen. Often the wind blows towards the south in the morning. Therefore, it is good to have a kitchen in the southeast side of the house.


The sink shall be at the height of three and a half feet so that it would be easier to wash the utensils avoiding back pain which may occur if you wash them by bending down when it is set at a lower height. On the other hand, if it is more than a height of three and a half feet, then, there will be a hand pain.

The kitchen should have a sink on the left side of the stove in the kitchen. There should be a grocery drawer on the right. This will make your work easier. A modular kitchen does not exist. But in our household shelves, all the essential kitchen items will be layered on the right side of the stove. Those in the Modular kitchen can also follow the same.

Those who do not want a modular kitchen rack under the stove can plan to keep the items on both the left and the right side. Similarly, the kitchen window is good to look at the east side. At least a 4 feet distance is advisable. Do not place any things for beautifying your kitchen because this may divert your focus on cooking and also occupies some space.


If you put a chimney in the kitchen, you should keep at least three feet above the oven. Exhaust Fan should be placed six feet above the ground. As far light is concerned, it is better to be fixed on a ceiling rather than on the wall so that the light would spread throughout the room.

If you plan for a small kitchen, you can avoid wash basin in the kitchen. For a bigger kitchen, you can keep it at the kick out of the door.

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