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To Repair or Not to Repair is the Question


When it comes to interior decoration, all kinds of glass decorations are popular for their aesthetic and for adding extra beauty to the house. For example, glass tabletops can make the tables look more exquisite and classy. They can blend in well with all sorts of home decors and furniture.

Glass tabletops are one of the most elegant pieces of decorative home glass accessory and the most fragile one too. No matter how much you care for it, it will get damaged at some point. What will you do when this happens? Will you try to repair the damage or will you simply replace the old broken piece with a new better looking glass top?

DIY glass tabletop

Looking at a damaged glass tabletop is not a very attractive sight. It simply ruins the overall look of your interior. Most people will try to repair the damage on their own. Smaller glass damages can be fixed at home but when the damage is larger than you can fix, it’s time to call for professionals’ help or just simply replace the glass. Here are some of the DIY glass repairing material that you can easily find at home.


Toothpaste not only remove stains from your teeth and whitens then but also helps in polishing scratches from your glass tabletops. You need to clean the glass with a glass cleaner liquid with a lint-free piece of cloth. After that put some toothpaste on the scratch and gently rub it across the area with a damp cloth. Soon the scratches will fade away by the toothpaste. Remove the toothpaste with a clean cloth and once again wipe the glass tabletop with a glass cleaner and lint-free cloth.

Jeweler rogue

It is a mixture that is used to remove stains and scratches from gold and silver jewelry. The compound can be used to smooth out the scratches on the glass in the same way it is done for the jewelry. Depending upon how deep the scratch is, you might need to use more than one rogue to get the job done.

Nail polish

Did the above two methods fail? That might be because the scratches were deep. If the scratches are not so deep that professional help is required than you might also give this method a try.

  • First wipe away the surface making it clear from any dust particles. Make sure that the cloth being used is clean and lint-free.
  • Then brush a clear nail polish on the scratch. Use a nail polish remover to remove excess of nail polish on the edges.
  • Let it dry over the night.
  • Finally, once it has been dried, clean the tabletop with a glass cleaner

Repairing a shattered or a cracked glass decoration is easy as long as it is relatively a small one. The larger one is relatively harder to repair on your own so it is better to hire a professional to repair it. But, before repairing any glass object always keep in mind the following that not all of the broken glass is worth to be repaired. Before you invest your valuable time and money into repairing the glass, make sure you ask yourself these questions first.  

  1. Is the broken glass valuable?
  2. Does the glass hold any sentimental value?
  3. Has the glass been in the family Heirloom?
  4. Can it be easily replaced?

DIY repairs are always a good start only if not much effort is put into it. You know what they say “It’s already broken, you cannot make it much worse”.

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