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How To Make A Small Bathroom Look More Spacious

Make A Small Bathroom Look More Spacious

Many tricks will help you make a small bath light more spacious and organized. Check it here.

When renting or buying a property, people look for large spaces that allow them to organize their belongings. Therefore, a small bathroom can discourage future buyers or homeowner.

If you want your house to leave the market quickly, or in your case, you have just arrived at a place where nothing fits in the bathroom, these tips will help you to give it a wider appearance.

Opt for crystal chancery

In spite of being indispensable, the divisions between shower and toilet bowl reduce spaces. Even more, when they are made with materials such as acrylics that limit visibility. Using glass, in addition to providing transparency, allows the passage of light evenly throughout the room, thus showing the true appearance of the bathroom.

Choose the right colors

White color is the main resource to change the space visually. So you should not do without it. From painting, tiles and furniture, using white will make the bathroom look much bigger than it really is. Play with the textures and even with the finishes of the different materials to add character to the place.

Optimize storage areas

Experts recommend placing small furniture embedded in the wall and at least 15 cm away from the floor, in this way, a sense of depth is created on the floor and the room feels spacious.


If you need more storage, shelves can also be used in the upper part of the bathroom. It is recommended that these have the same tonalities of the ceiling so as not to reduce the feeling of height in the room.

Extra drawers

The back of the toilet is also an excellent area to place shelves or furniture with drawers. However, before choosing it, make sure it has the same size as the toilet tank to avoid its use being inconvenient.

If the bathroom is smaller than usual, (for example, with spaces where the sink is outside the room), avoid filling it with furniture. Stores only essential and everyday items.

Choose the right mirror

This is a useful trick for any room, because the reflection easily doubles the size of the room. The larger the mirror, the greater the dimension that is provided to the bathroom, so do not hesitate to choose right mirror that covers strategic areas.

Add some plants

By adding, some plants in bathroom create greener environment & feels more lush natural spaces. Feng Shui décor tricks help to guide you best! Select those plants that fit for your bathroom, it must depends on light, humidity, ventilation.

Replaces the main door

In small places, already installed folding doors steal surfaces that may have other functionalities or even collide with furniture. However, the sliding doors are deployed on the same axis optimizing the space.

In case of having a tub

Although the crystal chandelier is the preferred option to extend the bathroom, if you have a tub, choose shower curtains that provide access to both parts of the room. Place the curtain rod higher up to give the illusion of having a higher ceiling and not obstructing the view.

If you need more advice to renovate your house before selling or renting it, do not hesitate to visit our guide we have for you in this blog.

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