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How To Sweep The Floor, Scrub, Or Clean Windows Without Leaving Dirt?

It may seem like an unusual question. However, the reality is that we know several possibilities and there is always one best way to do it. Choose for yourself the one you prefer, from different options of how to sweep the floor that we will introduce you next.

One of the things that happens when sweeping a floor is that dust rises; to avoid it take the broom letting its bristles remain on the ground on the side opposite your hand. Start sweeping without lifting the broom and pile the dirt in a corner, ideally towards the center of the room.

Sweep or scrub

Although today’s article is about sweeping, it is possible that can do later. Therefore, you also want to scrub the floor, which will be a way to make sure it has been clean.

To do this you will have to observe that there are no peyotes, spots or elements attached to the floor. If so, it is best to take a cloth with you so that the moment you see them remove immediately without having to scrub the entire floor. So you can continue with the sweeping task.

Choosing the right broom

Depending on whether the floor you want to sweep is outdoors or indoors, it is advisable to choose one or other sweeping broom, for example:

If the floor is to be swept outdoors then the best broom is usually one of hard bristles effectively slab leaves, twigs, elements that may have brought wind, insects, etc.

But if the floor is the interior of your home, then it is best to choose a soft and light bristle broom to make it slide well and also comfortable when cleaning and sweeping corners and hard to reach corners.

How to keep a broom in good condition

It is best to hang it from a hook with the bristles up or down. In this way, they will not deform or fall so easily.

Can steam cleaning used on wooden floors?

This question is usually asked at least a couple of times a week. Therefore, here is our definitive answer: Yes, the use of steam on wooden floors is an excellent way to disinfect them and does not pose any problem for the surface of the wood when the operator uses the correct technique. If you have wood floors, you know how difficult and slow it is to clean them with traditional methods. People are usually afraid of damaging the wood using cleaning products or lots of water. Of course, excess water is never good for hardwood floors. Dry steam does not damage wood because it requires very little water and does not use chemicals in the process. In fact, it is the most natural and effective way to deep clean any surface. The heat generated by the steam will not damage the finish if the user uses a thick microfiber cloth on the rectangular high strength floor tool that comes with the Bissell powerfresh steam cleaner. Your steam cleaner will not only reduce cleaning time, it will radically improve the appearance of your floors!

Here are the steps to start steam cleaning your wood floor:

  1. Before starting steam cleaning, always vacuum first.
  2. Use the rectangular floor tool provided with your steam cleaner and simply place a thick microfiber cloth around it. The microfiber will isolate the steam, retain excess moisture and the high temperature of the steam will attract dirt like a magnet.
  3. Set the steam cleaner to low or medium pressure. The lower the pressure, the drier the steam will be. The high pressure forms condensation so you should not use the maximum pressure setting.
  4. Spend slowly everywhere to disinfect, deep clean and revitalize your floors.
  5. When the cloth is saturated with dirt, simply remove it and put it in the washing machine. The Original Steam Mop by Bissell: Another extraordinary steam-cleaning alternative is to use the Original Steam Mop by Bissell. With a 40cm steam mop head, telescopic extension and a 5m hose, the Original Steam Mop is not a toy, but a strong, high-strength tool that works exceptionally well on floors, walls and ceilings.

What other technique can you teach us to sweep the floor without leaving dirt? Cheer up, share it with us!

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