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Home decor ideas you can try now without costing a fortune


Home is a place where we spend most of our time. It is not about a location, instead, it is all about having that feeling of security and happiness. Since childhood, we all dream of owning a beautiful home. But as we grow older, everything comes down to budget.

Buying a home is a very costly affair itself, decorating it is another big expense to our pockets. I have seen many of my friends and relatives spending more than the cost of the house on interior and decor. But who said, without costing a fortune, you can’t enhance the beauty of your home?

In this article, I am going to mention some super affordable home decor ideas that you can easily follow now.

Modernize your furniture layout:

You must be aware of the fact that how your space can look dramatically different by just making some changes to your furniture alignment and design! In that case, consider few points like an outdoor view, wall color, tv positioning, and many more things. By avoiding unwanted furniture you can make your home spacious, leading to making room functionality even better. Making some small changes to your furniture layout will help to utilize your room space efficiently. It makes a room look more organized and neat.

Painting the walls with bold colors:

This point is basic when it comes to making changes to your home decor. We all know, Paint is the most affordable and major decorating element, choosing the right color is the tricky part! Paint the walls that add contrast as well as complements your furniture. Deciding which color to choose can be tough right? Here are some factors you must consider before choosing a color for your room:

  1. Evaluate the room dimension
  2. Take the amount of light into consideration
  3. Consider the room features

Make use of antique accessories to bring a new look:

Nowadays, some people prefer decorating their home in a particular style. Mixing different looks is a unique yet wonderful way to recreate your home space and showcase your style. It undoubtedly adds a more exciting element with its unexpected touch. Going with plain soft or traditional pattern can be monotonous. A mix of modern or contemporary decoration with antique accessories is a rear combination to try. Try our some garage sale or check out local classified sites. There are many people selling a lot of antiques at throwaway prices mainly because they are not unaware of the real value. Keeping an eye on eBay can also help.

Using mirrors decoration for your décor:

On the designing part with things, mirrors are the best way to open up a little space, as reflections can make the room appear larger than it actually is. Most of us see mirrors on the functional rather than the fashionable end of the home decor. Which means that people are missing out on a very big opportunity to make the best use of it. Mirrors are not only fun to decorate with but can turn out to be a show-stopping centerpiece of your home when added a little creativity with it.

Create a Photo Collage:

This may be a very common piece of advice that you might be following right now also. But here is the unique point. Have you ever thought of selecting funky and creative photos? Select photos that are funny, memorable and has a story. Nowadays creating photo collage is easier and creative than ever tools like Canva.

I hope this article was helpful to provide you with some useful home decor ideas that are pocket-friendly yet creative. In case of any doubt do let us know through your valuable comments below.

Thanks for the suggestions to Manpreet from Haveli Quakers Hill.

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