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Easy Tips to Service Your Garage Door by Yourself

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The garage door is the only automated door of a house that has to move several times a day. If you’re opening and closing the door more than three times a day, you’re using it 56 times a week and calculate it with a number of the days you have been using it for. If your garage door is well ten years old, it is important to seek the best garage door service to make sure there isn’t any untreated damage in the system.

Most of the installation companies deliver reliable repairs and maintenance services as well, but I your s don’t do the service, find the best servicing company. Google about the active repairers in your area, type garage door service Radnor PA and scan the list of suggestions.  Google chooses what apparently the best is; so, go with the experts’ advice.

Following are some tip and tricks to service your garage door by yourself.

Keep the system clean:

The garage door service is all about keeping the system clean and well lubricated. Take a look at the tracks of your door. Check to see if there is any dirt or greased accumulated, if yes, get rid of the dirt with the help of a damp rag. Dip the old towel in the liquid soap and run it through the track and on the door. Clean the rollers by carefully wiping any excessive grease away from the ball bearings.

women cleaning the garage door

Once the dirt is wiped, wash and dry the tracks and the door. Then soak and dry any moisture with the help of a dry towel.

Once the surface is completely dried, apply the grease on the tricky areas like in the ball bearing of the roller, chain and tracks. It is not essential to lubricate the chain if the material is made of grease-free substance, the grease is not required.

You can’t oil the whole system; only white lithium grease is preferred for the door. buy the best quality aerosol spray to reach the difficult area above your head like springs of the door. you are required to cover the springs completely in grease to avoid any cracks.

If the door always sticks to one place in particular while moving up and down the tracks, check the opener first. If the door opener is working fine, check the door.

Manually close the first by disconnecting the door from the opener. If the problem persists, the fault is in the door. Check for a physical damage, see if the door is balanced on both sides. If it is tilting on one side, the balance of the door itself or springs is out. You have to keep in mind that if springs aren’t aligned with the correct balance, the amount of force they exert on the door will differ and the door will move upward in one side more than the other, resulting in a jolt or jerk.

If the tracks aren’t well cleaned or the brackets aren’t nicely infused the door will stick to the place where the brackets are blocking the way. Tighten the brackets by screwing the whole thing in. once the brackets are tightened, lubricated the fitting so that the surface can be kept from rusting.

Reach the system above your head with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Add in the hose extension and suck all the dust in, now lubricated the inside of the machinery with the help of aerosol spray to keep the system running for long. It is important to disconnect the power before you reach the system to clean.

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