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All You Need To Know About Radiant Floor Heating System

radiant floor heating system

Cold floors become so annoying when your bare feet touch them after you have just left your warm and cozy bed. This is the time when you feel the need of something that can keep your floors as warm as your bed. Radiant flooring system has become the hottest and latest trendsetter in the field of floor heating. With a radiant heating system, you can feel like walking on a warm blanket. Without any noise of radiators or the trouble to keep an eye on them, radiant floors are the best solutions for making your winter season enjoyable and soothing. Here is everything that you can be interested to know about radiant flooring systems.

What Is Radiant Flooring

The origin of radiant floor matches back to the ancient Romans who had a practical knowledge about engineering which has now turned out to become the flow of heat under the surface of the floors. The increased use of radiant floors in the country started from back in the 1980s. Radiant floor is actually an in-floor heating systems in order to upgrade your floors with the heat that your feet have been craving for. There are basically three types of radiant flooring:

  • Forced-air radiant floor
  • Hydronic based
  • Electrical radiant heating

The first type of radiant flooring has rarely been used because of the complexity, while electrical radiant heating is considered a costly way to heat up the floors because of the need heavy power supply to make it work. Hydronic based radiant flooring is by far considered the most reliable and effective flooring system and is used at a larger scale.

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Its Working Mechanism

The working mechanism of radiant flooring varies according to its type. Your radiant flooring will work differently from your neighbors if you are using an electrical radiant floor and they have the hydronic system. The electrical radiant flooring system is ideal to install in the areas where the price of electricity is comparatively low than the other areas. If it is not the case, a hydronic system will suit you the best as it is less expensive, easy to operate, and only require heated water from your water heaters.

Places To Use This Heating System

Radiant heating systems never work efficiently when there are so many carpets and rugs around the house. Carpets already allow insulation and stop heat from affecting the area in which they are installed. If you have a lot of carpets in your house, your bathrooms, kitchen, and hallways are the best areas where you can enjoy the efficiency of these floors.

Pros And Cons Of Radiant Floors

Radiant flooring offers you more than just keeping your feet warm. With the warmth of these floors, you can easily feel the difference in the temperature inside and outside of your house. When your feet will be warm, it is obvious that your body will feel the cozy sensation of comfort. The only problem with these heating systems is that they are difficult to install. The joints of flooring system demand access from the basement and crawlspaces and that can lead to a hectic situation.

How Are These Systems Installed?

Not only are there different types, but the radiant floor install also has two types one of which is wet and the other is dry. When you opt for the dry installation, the floor is averred between the floor and subfloor, while in wet installation, the heating system is rooted in concrete that is still wet at the time of installation

In The End

Having floors that are properly warm is a blessing during the chilly and cold weather. If you are really tired of getting those chills when you set your bare feet on the cold floors, installing radiant floors can prove to be the best solution or all your problems.

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