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5 shortcuts to paint like a pro

house painting shortcuts

Painting a whole house is tiring and time-consuming. The hard work drains the enthusiasm out of the most active and excited DIYer. You are required to prepare the walls, apply the paint and if everything is done right, the walls will look flawless, but the possibility is little. The best move is to hire professional for your house painting Rensselaer NY but if you can’t, following are some shortcuts to the flawless paint job.

Choose a smart shade.

White is tricky, so is yellow. Blue requires a lot of fine applications to appear even. A nice subtle color palette is grey and pale blacks. You are not required to double coat a grey if it is done nicely, it will hide all of the cement patchings nicely and the stains or dirt will be camouflaged into it. However, if the theme of your house isn’t complementing a grey, go for any shade of brown as the brown hides all of the possible stainings and cover all of the industrial glue traces you may put to fill cracks.

Select the same color or go darker.

Select the same shade to rejuvenate the look of your house; this is the most useful cheat method for efficient painting. Take a look at the walls of your house, the stains and marks will be on the lower and accessible halves of the wall, the higher end of a wall is always cleaner because it doesn’t come in the contact much. You only have to double coat the lower halves of the walls if you’re applying the same shade of paint. Half of the job is already done. Smart right?

house painting ideas

Prime only the bad patches.

If you have decided to paint the whole house, carefully scan the walls and decide which areas need color correction. The patches, bad walls, water stains, grease, cement work, or new plaster, if the rest of the walls are in good even color, prime the bad pieces of the walls only. Still, the best move will be to call House Painting Contractors Rensselaer NY because none of these tricks will ensure a paint job that could win awards.

Wash walls with the power washer.

Even in the laziest paint jobs, you’re required to wash walls. There is no cheat code to not getting the dust or dirt out but how you can get it done quickly is that you can hire a pressure washer. Throw in the best cleaning agent and give your walls a good thorough clean up. If there are any lose paint chipping away, it will be automatically removed with the water pressure and you will have a clean wall to work with.

Apply the first coat thicker.

Another trick which can save your energy is to apply the first coat thicker. Load inadequate amount of paint in the brush and press the brush or roller on the wall. Once both of the surfaces are in close contact, start moving your hand back and forth with the brush. It is important to lock the roller or brush in place first. If the roller isn’t pressed within the wall, it won’t release enough paint to the surface and you will have to apply a few coats to have a good fishing.

Induce a texture if you can’t achieve a glass finish.

It’s difficult to achieve a glass-like finishing; you have to avoid streaking, traces, bubbles and rest of the lumpy application flaws. It is easier to achieve a texture. Go for a texture painting method to reduce the stress.

Bonus hack:

Don’t dilute the paint:

Don’t put thinner in the paint; pour the thick paint directly onto a painting tray and load the thick substance in the brush. When you take a lot of product in the applicator it dries fast and creates a thicker layer on the wall. You won’t have to double coat a wall if enough paint has been applied in the single application. But it is important to learn that the single coat painting requires skills. Don’t pour too much paint in the tray because it will dry faster since it is not thinned and you may streak the wall in the process, so, do it carefully.

We are very thankful to Robenson from Scorptec Clayton to give the precious tips.

Disclaimer: “This is no way everyone’s cup of tea and if you don’t know the basics of painting a wall, or haven’t painted a will ever in your life, don’t even think about doing it”.

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