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5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Spring Clean Your Home this 2019

Spring is starting this coming late March, which means it is time for spring cleaning. This practice is prevalent in countries which encounter cold weathers. Spring cleaning is primarily deep cleaning your whole house and making it ready and freshening it up for the spring season.

However, in using different cleaning materials and making cleaning habits, you do not need to use a lot of chemicals. It is better to do spring cleaning with the help of different eco-friendly ways of organizing your home. Natural cleaners help the environment in a lot of ways and give a healthy atmosphere to your family. Try these five practices and habits to do when you start your annual spring cleaning.


1. Declutter Properly

One of the best outcomes of spring cleaning is getting a lot of extra space in your house after through decluttering. Since Marie Kondo is trending worldwide because of her decluttering techniques, it is also useful to do it by yourself.

Evaluate all the things you have in your home and know when you last used it. If you have not used or worn it for a year, you may think twice if you still need it, if not, you can let it go by selling or giving it away to your friends or relatives. This habit is better done to get a lot of space in your house and make other people use your unwanted or old clothes.


2. Use Green Cleaning Products

As per Green Cleaning NY, it is important to use green cleaning products instead of commercial ones as those commercial cleaners are composed of different chemicals and pollutants that can affect the health of the home. Another thing is that some eco-friendly cleaning products are inexpensive to make. For example, you can create an all-purpose cleaner using different items that you can find in your house. To produce one, you need to mix nine parts water and one part vinegar, and there you go! If the smell bothers you, adding a few drops of essential oil can do the job. You can use this mixture for cleaning your counters, sinks, and so on.


3. Hang-Dry Your Laundry

Everything that we do when doing our laundry is aided by technology to help make things efficient and faster. We have washing machines and dryers to help us do quicker laundry sessions. However, it can cost us a lot in our electricity bills. You can save electricity by hang-drying your laundry instead of using a dryer. You can take advantage of the spring dry and nice weather through doing this tip. The dryer should be used when it is rainy, and you need to do your laundry, but when the days have nice weather, you can hang-dry.


4. Use Green Cleaning Tools

Along with green cleaning products, you also need to greenify your cleaning tools to use. You might feel that using rolls of paper towel will be more efficient since those are all disposable, you are not helping the environment with it. According to Maid Sailors a Cleaning Service NYC, using old clothes and towels as rags, and microfiber towels can help you become a green cleaner. It helps in saving money and reduces all the waste you produce when cleaning your home. Also, those rags and towels are reusable where you will need to wash right after cleaning, and it’s good for the next session. Another way to use green cleaning tools is to switch sponges for dish brushes because it lasts longer than traditional sponges when dishwashing.


5. Research Before You Buy

If there is an item in your home that needs a replacement for better performance, you need to research first what you will replace. You can find better things that are secondhand since brand new items are often pricey. Researching is also done for finding sustainable options in searching for replacements.

For instance, you have a faulty light bulb, and you need to replace it as soon as possible. Your research will recommend you to purchase LED light bulbs instead of fluorescent one since LED lighting is more efficient and proven to last longer than other kinds of light bulbs. Another example is if you need new air fresheners, you would be recommended to buy non-toxic ones to help in the environment and not risk your family’s health in maintaining your home’s cleanliness.


Final Thoughts

We hope that these five spring cleaning practices and ideas will help you to become an efficient and environmental conscious cleaner of your home. What’s important here is to try not to use toxic cleaners because it is terrible for everyone in the house. Use eco-friendly ones instead, and it will lead you to help the environment one step at a time. Start small through these cleaning tips, and you are doing your part for Mother Earth.

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