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How to Choose Garden Hose Hanger for Your Backyard

Having a place to store your hose while still having it handy to use is important. You don’t want and unsightly pile of garden hose on the ground beneath the faucet! In addition, having the hose on the ground will damage plants, get the hose muddy, and provide a place for pests to nest. None of those things are very good! So let’s get that hose up off the ground and neatly stored so it is handy for you to use!

We will take a look at a few different options for garden hose hangers. Some of them will mount on your home or shed, near the water faucet. Others are freestanding and you can put them where it is most convenient for your watering needs. All the products we will look at are highly rated by consumers at Amazon.com so you know you are getting a product that is tried and tested!

Wall Mount Hose Hanger

First of all we will look at the Ames True Temper Decorative Wall Mount Metal Hose Hanger 2392400.  . This is a typical, wall mount hose hanger with a beautiful bronze finish and decorative design. It is made of rust resistant material to give you years of use. Consumers like the fact that this is a nice looking hose holder, yet it is sturdy too! It mounts simply with two screws and it will hold up to 100 feet of garden hose. This nice looking hose hanger will not disappoint and at under $15 it is a bargain as well!

Metal Hose Hanger

Next we will look at a stand alone hose storage option. The Ames True Temper Decorative Free Standing Metal Hose Hanger 2392100 is the stand alone version of the hose reel above. It has the same decorative design, but it is made to put out in the garden or elsewhere in your yard. It comes fully assembled and it is easy to install. Simply put the pointed base into the soil – you may need to soften the soil first with water. After the base is firmly in the garden attach the hose hanger to the base and tighten the screws. Now you have a nice hanger to store your garden hose that is close to where you use it!

Yard Butler HCF-3

There are also stand alone hose hangers that have an attached faucet as well. The Yard Butler HCF-3 Free Standing Garden Hose Hanger with Faucet is a great example of a hose holder with a faucet attached.  This hose holder allows you to add another faucet to your yard without hiring someone to do it for you! There are a couple of ways to install this hanger. You can either dig a hole, center the post in the hole and pour in quick setting concrete. Or you can slide it over a fencing ‘t’ post.  Of course, you will need to run a hose to the hanger to get water to it, but if you want you could dig a trench and run a piece of pvc pipe through it and insert your hose.  That way you will only have a short expanse of hose sticking up by the holder. This might not work in areas that get a deep freeze because you will need to drain the hose during the winter to prevent breakage. However, if you use an air compressor to blow all the water out of the hose you should be fine. Another option is to use decorative hose guides to guide the garden hose through your yard the way you would like.

There are many options when it comes to finding a great garden hose hanger. No matter if you choose a wall mount or free standing hose holder, you will find that you hose stays stored neatly and conveniently!

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