88 Totally Inspiring Valentine’S Day Table Settings Ideas

Totally Inspiring Valentine’S Day Table Settings Ideas 41

Hearts and flowers, lace and ribbons – any Valentine’s table setting can mix and match these motifs to great success. Romantic and feminine table settings often feature flowers in soft, pastel tones.

If there is one traditional Valentine flower, it must be the rose. China patterns that feature roses as their primary motif remain exceptionally popular for any occasion.

In the old-fashioned language of flowers, roses have traditional meanings:

Red for passion and romantic love
Pink for sincere affection and sweet regard
White for purity and virtue
Yellow for friendship and devotion
A rose-theme table setting gives lots of room for mixing and matching china dinnerware. Choose fine china for a Valentine’s Day ladies tea or luncheon, and plan to use your special china patterns.

Look for china in shops and online to add those pieces you need to complete the color scheme and theme, as well as those needed to serve particular food and beverages for the number of guests you will have.

Many vintage dinnerware patterns can be mixed and matched, to give you more texture and color, and to inspire further ideas for creative table settings.

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